Friday, 14 October 2011

The secret to Nachos size

This is what happened during treat time today. And you wonder why Nachos is gaining weight.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Tower of isolation

Life has been great so far other than Nachos being an irritating little baby. I have resigned to fate that he is going to be my companion and is slowly accepting him but that doesn't mean that I don't need my own space. Mummy has moved us into the new cage which is bigger and more ideal as there is more room for us. The best thing is that I can hop onto the upper deck to chill when I need time-out as Nachos have yet to learn how to jump up. 

Mummy has been good recently, coming home early and giving us plenty playtime. She also bought a cardboard building for us to play recently - it has 3 levels and it is fun hopping up and down. It has doors and windows and I spend many enjoyable hours exploring the different levels. I like the top most deck best as I have a bird's eye view of what is going on in the house and most importantly, Nachos doesn't know how to get up there. I like to sit there and watch the world go by without disturbances. Mummy is amused whenever she sees that and calls me the queen of the cottage but I prefer to call the building my isolation tower - a place I can call my own and be isolated from Nachos.
This is the fun building mummy got recently

Watching the world go by
Occasionally I allow mummy to bring Nachos up and we will explore the tower together and play in it.
Playing together


Thumper to Nachos: You think we can jump off from here?
I can jump off from the 2nd floor window but Nachos is still too small and afraid. He is usually left behind and has to wait for mummy to rescue him whenever I leave the tower.
Help! Let me down - doesn't he resemble Rapunzel?

Monday, 3 October 2011

Daddy's Girl

I like daddy's new job. He gets to go different places and buys me stuff. He also seem to be around the house more often unlike his old job and this means more time outside the cage for me. Yippee!

For his latest trip to Japan, he came back with goodies for us. 2 different treats, a toy and a bunny towel - he said the treats are for me and the the toy is for Nachos but I say they are ALL mine! The treats look yummy, cannot wait to try them. I heard that Japan is a rabbit's wonderland with many kinds of treats and toys. Think I want to visit Japan one day, I will put forward this proposal to mummy.

Spoils from Japan

Daddy brought back an assortment of bunny shaped cookies for the bunny lover mummy, they look really cute and I sure hope they taste as good as they look. Check them out
Bunny box containing wafflers with cream

Bunny shape cookie - pretty

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Slowly but Steadily

I am sure my dear readers are keen to know how Nachos and I are getting along. I have been busy adapting to him and to mummy's relief, we are getting by fine. It's been a week staying together with Nachos and I must say that I am growing to like him. 

There are certain advantages to having him around - he entertains me with his goofy actions and most importantly, he does my bidding :). I nip him whenever he misbehaves - what do you expect, I am the boss of the house. 
What? I am the boss. SO???

The boy is such a baby, he spends most of his time eating and sleeping. We play catching when he is awake but its usually me who chases him but he gets tired easily. Oh well, having a companion is better than being alone for long hours right? I am not complaining..

Nachos stopping to eat in-between play

Friday, 23 September 2011

Room for Improvement

It's been a couple of days since mummy renegaded me from my bungalow to the tiny house that Nachos is staying in. I am super upset - what happened to my privacy and sundeck? To make things worse, Nachos is everywhere I go, I can smell him on the toilet, the toys even the food bowl! This is driving me fur-serk. 
Sniffing nachos

What do you want boy?

Even my toy smells of him :(

I like the boy but he is irritating at times, he thinks I am his mummy and keeps following me around. I am like EXCUSE ME, do I look mummsy to you? Silly boy. Anyway, I need my space back! Mummy, if you are reading this -  I want out! Give me back my room!
Sharing a moment over food

Give me space boy

What do you want from me Grrrr

Can you hear me???

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

International Wabbit Day

Did you know that the 4th Saturday or Sunday of this month is International Rabbit Day?  Well, as the name suggests, it's about ME ha ha. Seriously, this day promotes the protection and care of rabbits both domestic and wild. This year, HRSS will be celebrating this bun-tastic day on 24 September at Downtown East, do drop by.

I am so hopping by!

Day 2 - Next step

Auntie Michelle came by today to check on the progress between me and Nachos. Hang on, I smell 3 other scents along with Auntie Cass, I wonder what is the occasion. I peered out of my cage and started rattling it to show I want out. Mummy got the hint and carried me to the living room where I saw Lincoln - he is the most handsome lop that I have seen beside Harry. Think I like him but we were both too shy to make the first move, unfortunately :(.
Lincoln sitting in a corner shyly

Mummy was also having an iron grip on me and that didn't make it any easier for me. Meanwhile, Auntie Cass was going gaga over a a girl lop who is Nachos sister. I heard they are half siblings of Lincoln but I still think Lincoln looks better.
Mummy then let me down around Nachos cage. Seeing that I am harmless (I am a sweet girl, what are you thinking), mummy, on the advice of Auntie Michelle, put me into Nachos cage. At first, I was cautious but curiosity got the better of me and I explored the place. I sniffed at everything and decided to mark his toilet as my territory haha.
Making myself comfortable on Nachos toilet
After a while, the toilet got boring so I decided to have some fun by chasing him. He is still quite slow so it was effortless for me to catch up. Me thinks that I need to exert my authority before he grows bigger and stronger than me. So I mounted and chinned him, as you can see from below

All the chasing is making me tired, can't believe how easily I tire now, sigh, age is catching up quickly. As I lay in his home, the lil' one decided to snuggle up with me. I wanted to protest but was too tired to. Since I didn't get a chance to know Lincoln, guess I just have to settle for this one.
Snuggling - awwww

Happy ending for them?